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I endorse WeMakeItBetter   to all of my clients. Angela and Doug are friendly, respectful, helpful and exhibit the highest levels of integrity, understanding and expertise.
 Charene Clark, Realtor 


We are a well-respected and experienced estate sales and home improvement company licensed and insured in the State of Connecticut.

  We are a family owned business that is committed to dynamic service, current and insightful information, and an outstanding contact base.

We do not charge for a consultation and when hired work closely with our clients to determine goals, expectations and needs.  
​ We believe it is best when business is a win-win for all concerned. 

Why choose a professional team like WeMakeItBetterCT instead of having a tag sale or hiring an amateur?

WeMakeItBetterCT is a professional team with a solid history of delivering outstanding results.

WeMakeItBetterCT is known to have the largest e-mail and customer list in Connecticut.  Without customers there are no sales!

Instead of relying on drive-by customers, paper-flyers nailed to electric poles, word-of-mouth traffic, and luck,  WeMakeItBetterCT clients experience the success of a solid and loyal customer base.

WeMakeItBetterCT has a tremendous number of customers and experts who specialize in almost every type of household, garden, art, jewelry, furniture, electronics, silver, china, autos, farm equipment, tools, sports and other item(s) our clients sell.  Knowing values ensures top dollar results.

WeMakeItBetterCT makes sure that the unscrupulous do not take advantage of our clients or our customers. Integrity and a "win-win" ethics in business maximizes opportunities and brings about positive results for all concerned.

Reliquary containing the head of Saint Ladislaus I of Hungary, 14-15th century, Cathedral-Basilica of Győr, Hungary

I should have written earlier to let you know that we got your check, and were surprised that we had enough 'stuff' to amount to this number. So it was quite pleasing. I recommend you folks when ever I get the opportunity. It was a pleasure, and relief, to have you handle this for us. You are real pros.  Thank you,


Gales Ferry, CT.

Dear Angie and Doug -

Thanks so much for your recent sale in Voluntown. My wife and I had a great drive through Connecticut, and when we arrived at the house we couldn't believe all the great gardening tools and kitchen items we bought.  When I returned home I made an inventory of the items I bought for less than $100 and compared them to retail prices - I saved about $700.  Now, I call that success.  Can't wait for your next sale.

Bob and Lisa - regulars at WeMakeItBetterCt offers amazing gardening and lawn tools at almost every sale.  Summer is the time to acquire great deals on these otherwise very expensive tools.  Don't miss out!

For those who want to discover the world and its many diverse cultures, visit a WeMakeItBetterCT estate sale - you will find treasures from all over the planet. 


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We Make It Better CT

After my mother passed away I did not know where or how to begin organizing our home. WeMakeItBetterCT helped me organize, select what to sell, and then patiently, considerately and expertly handled all the necessities to execute a successful estate sale.  Angela and Doug are the best.
​               Louise Sokol


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A chance meeting...
A few questions...
A consultation,,,
Some sound and helpful advice... 
A fair contract...
And our worries were over...
Well, not quite...
It's not easy letting go of things with precious memories attached....
Angie and Dougmade it better...In every way.
And we are very grateful.

Steven and Mary Hulme
East Lyme
(April, 2018)

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estate sale.

"​I can’t put into words how much Angie and Doug helped me. I was so overwhelmed when my mom passed away. She left a three-floor condo packed with clothing, dishes, and furniture. Angie and Doug came in, organized, and set up the entire place for a successful estate sale. They were wonderful and caring. My lifesavers! I can’t thank them enough. Thank God for 
​W​e Make It Better CT.​"​
Nancy Kramer

"People ask me, 'why do you go to WeMakeItBetterCT estate sales,' and I say, because I can't stand the thought I may miss out on that one special treasure I've been looking for all my life."     Phoebe of New London

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23 & 24 August is pleased to help you find rare beauties, gather them for your review, display them with care, and make it easy for you to acquire them.

I did not know where to begin when I decided to sell my rather large home and downsize.  In the end all my worries were settled quickly and better than I could have ever dreamed because of the WEMAKEITBETTERCT team.  They made it happen!  

         Eileen Preston  

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